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Distribution Room Maintenance Aids Schools to Avoid Distribution Cabinet Faults
2019-03-14 14:15:50


It is unavoidable that minor accidents occur in the operation of power distribution room. It is only necessary to check and repair the faults through the maintenance of power distribution room. In the distribution room, the accident probability of distribution cabinet is relatively high, and in order to deal with the unexpected occurrence of the accident, it needs to be checked and repaired. Faults must have caused a certain loss of equipment, so the best choice is to prevent the maintenance of distribution room.

Baiyun Aircraft first tells you how to troubleshoot, in fact, troubleshooting needs the following four steps:

1. First, we need to check the electrical equipment under the distribution cabinet (distribution cabinet, box substation, distribution box) to see if there is a high power output during the accident period.

2. Next, it is necessary to check the internal connection of the distribution cabinet (distribution cabinet, box substation, distribution box) and the line connection to the various electrical equipment to see if there is a virtual connection phenomenon.

3. Investigate whether short circuit is caused by human factors (misoperation, etc.) during the accident.

4. Check whether the electrical equipment (distribution cabinet, box substation, distribution box) is damaged. Because the line voltage is relatively high during the period from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., if the equipment itself is damaged at the edge, such as diodes, it may break down instantaneously when the voltage reaches a certain level, thus causing short circuit.

However, it is better to conduct regular maintenance of distribution houses. Distribution room maintenance is to check whether the electrical equipment is in good condition in long-term operation, which can fully grasp the insulation of electrical equipment, so as to find defects and deal with them in time. In addition, it is an important means to prevent power failure and serious damage of electrical equipment caused by breakdown under working voltage or overvoltage, and its effect on enterprises can not be ignored.