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2021-10-15 10:03:59


SBW-SG/DBW-DG Automatic compensated power transformer is an AC voltage regulator made of ferromagnetic resonance principle and magnetic shunt structure. Is our company combined with China's national conditions, for the stability of AC voltage and design. According to the difference between the special voltage of imported equipment and the domestic voltage, the purpose of voltage stabilization can be solved by the voltage conversion of the integrated machine. When the voltage fluctuation or load change of the external power supply network causes the voltage fluctuation, maintained automatically.

SBW-SG/ DBW-DG three-phase voltage-stabilized transformer product overview: SBW/SGDBW/DG automatic compensation type power voltage-stabilized transformer (hereinafter referred to as the transformer integrated machine), this series of products compared with other forms of voltage regulator has the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation, widely applicable load, can withstand instantaneous overload, can work continuously for a long time, manual / automatic arbitrary switching, with overvoltage, overcurrent, lack of phase, phase sequence protection and mechanical fault automatic protection, as well as small size, light weight, easy to use and install, reliable operation and other advantages. It can be used in large mechanical and electrical equipment, metal processing equipment, production line, construction engineering equipment, elevator, medical equipment, embroidery textile equipment, air conditioning, radio and television, household appliances, lighting and other places that need steady pressure.


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