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Three-phase voltage regulator can save electricity?
2019-03-14 14:30:29


Sometimes, some customers ask the manufacturers of three-phase voltage regulators in Shanghai, can peak voltage regulators save electricity? In this article, Wenfeng website will answer this question.

We know that unstable voltage is not conducive to the use of equipment, not only easy to lead to the operation of equipment is not smooth, but also easy to lead to three-phase voltage regulator's own equipment life. Once the smooth operation of the press is not smooth, it will also cause delays in delivery and affect brand reputation.

At the same time, unstable voltage can easily aggravate the aging of equipment and even burn down accessories. From this point of view, it seems that a three-phase voltage regulator with good quality can really save electricity?

So, what is the operation of peak stabilizer? When the municipal voltage is lower than the operating voltage, the three-phase voltage regulator will raise the voltage to keep the power supply voltage within the rated voltage range; correspondingly, when the municipal voltage is too high, the industrial voltage regulator can also reduce the voltage and maintain stability.

However, Shanghai Steady Peak three-phase voltage regulator manufacturers said that the operation of the three-phase voltage regulator also needs electricity to operate, whether boost or buck, three-phase voltage regulator needs power support to operate normally, so in fact, from this perspective, the signal stabilized voltage regulator can not save electricity, but is electricity-consuming.

Peak stabilizer manufacturers said that as an electronic product, Peak stabilizer only needs very low power consumption, but ultimately it is an electrical appliance, so it not only saves electricity, but also consumes electricity.