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What are the risks of UPS uninterruptible power supply and regulated power supply used together?
2019-03-14 14:24:40


As we all know, UPS uninterruptible power supply as uninterrupted power supply equipment, in the case of sudden power outage in the city, UPS uninterruptible power supply can continue to provide power to ensure the normal operation of the load without the impact of power outage, so it is widely used in daily life, such as banks, hospitals, institutions and other places, but for the use of UPS uninterruptible power supply, we may also use UPS uninterruptible power supply. There will be some questions, such as UPS uninterruptible power supply can be used with regulated power supply? Below for this problem, give you an analysis.

A friend said that because of the unstable voltage in the city, he wanted to add the voltage regulator to the front end of UPS power supply. By adding a first-level AC voltage regulator to expand the scope of adaptation to the change of input voltage, he felt that the voltage would be safer and more stable. In fact, this friend's idea is a little redundant, which is a bit unnecessary. Because UPS uninterruptible power supply itself has the function of stabilizing voltage, adding a voltage regulator, in addition to doing more, it also increases the cost of procurement.

Secondly, even if the voltage regulator placed in the front end of UPS power supply has high reliability, such as the first-order parameter voltage regulator, its reliability is conditional. For example, whether the frequency of power input is stable, whether the linearity of the load is high enough, and the capacity of the regulator can not be less than a certain value of UPS uninterruptible power supply. However, due to the complexity of the environment in the actual construction, many places can not meet the above conditions. Not only does the input power frequency change sharply when the load is connected and withdrawn, resulting in the frequency withdrawal of the voltage regulator from the resonant state, but also the power of the load is much larger than that of the voltage regulator, which may cause the UPS uninterruptible power supply to be burned down, thus reducing the reliability and reliability of the power supply system. Safety, a little worse.

Therefore, UPS uninterruptible power supply manufacturers suggest that it is better not to add regulators in the front end of UPS uninterruptible power supply, which can help us reduce costs, but also reduce the risk of power supply, and better provide a stable and reliable power supply to the load.