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DBW-H/SBW-H series
2021-10-15 09:29:37


D/SBW-H series single-phase and three-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer (stabilized power supply), composed of contact auto-coupling high voltage device, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc., when the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes When, the automatic sampling regulator control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor. Adjust the position of the carbon brush of the voltage stabilizer auto-voltage regulator to adjust the output voltage of the voltage stabilizer to the rated value and reach a stable state. This series of voltage stabilizers are of ordinary type and have the function of mains direct connection. This series of regulators has many advantages such as variety, complete specifications and beautiful appearance. The equipment has the characteristics of undistorted waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance, and long-term operation. This regulator is equipped with protection functions such as short delay, overvoltage, and long delay and undervoltage protection functions can be added according to user needs. The voltage regulator can be widely used in any place where electricity is used. It is an ideal stabilized power supply (voltage regulator) to ensure the normal operation of your electrical equipment. This voltage stabilizer can be used in office equipment, testing equipment, household appliances, lighting systems, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other places where electricity is used.



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