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ZDBW/ZSBW series
2021-10-15 09:22:35


ZDBW/ZSBW series of intelligent non-contact AC voltage stabilizer is a new generation of AC voltage stabilized power supply developed by our company using advanced foreign technology at present, combined with my country's national conditions. It integrates computer program processing, photoelectric transmission, non-contact switch, and AC Compensation and voltage stabilization technology is integrated to meet the special needs of high-precision equipment for power supplies. The product has passed EU CE certification, African SONCAP certification, radio and television network license and other certifications. It is an upgraded version of SBW series mechanical regulator. It has the advantages of fast response speed, high voltage stabilization accuracy, no carbon brush, no contact, no machinery, maintenance-free, three-phase voltage automatic balance, etc., and is equipped with RS232/485 interface, which can realize remote control, remote signaling and remote measurement. This product is widely used in communication equipment, radio and television, industrial production lines, CNC machine tools, light industrial textiles, medical equipment, hotels, computer rooms and other places where voltage stability is required.



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